Actual Frozen Yogurt Store

The following review, images and text are taken from a review on to provide a sample of what popping bobas look like in an actual frozen yogurt store.

Orange Leaf (near Grand Century mall)
1143 Story Rd. Suite 190,
San Jose, CA 95122

Fruity “popping boba” as they call them. They are so slightly smaller than the tapioca pearls (“boba”) in bubble tea, and certainly not made of tapioca.

Not more than a couple of droplets are contained, with some leeway, inside a thin but chewy pouch. Like popping bubble wrap? How about popping one with your tongue and feeling a mini explosion of orange juice sweep over the fleshy terrain?

It is pure joy that goes with any yogurt flavor. Color aside they look like ikura, but they taste better, hands down.

The setup at Orange Leaf is what you would expect at any frozen yogurt corner: clean dispenser stalls, small tables, light chairs, you make one leisure trip from the cups, passing the yogurt reservoirs, winding by the topping trays, stop at the scale to weigh your sweet snowy load and pay 30 cents for every ounce, then you take a cheap-colored plastic spoon and thank the cashier who has patiently (and likely out of boredom) observed you from the start.  The yogurt selection has what I always go for: chocolate, coconut, and taro.

7 Responses to Actual Frozen Yogurt Store

  1. thanh nguyen says:

    Hi !I have the yogurt store. So i want ot know the price for the popping boba, and topping for the yogurt. can you sent me the price list for the all topping? and popping boba. thank

  2. Pam James says:

    I would like prices of popping Boba. We have a frozen yogurt store.

    Thanks, Pam

  3. coryntia martinez says:

    I am in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. We are interested in their products, I can tell if you have a distributor in Mexico?

  4. Jakub Hurny says:

    Hi Popping Boba team,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jakub Hurny and I am a candy
    retailer from Slovak Republic, and of course I am a big fan of your
    special product.
    I would be very interested in taking unique sweet yogurt, ice creame, tea
    throuht the company in my country: Ekonomic s.r.o. – which is finding the best candy and food brand.
    It is possible to co-operate from your country or Europe warehouse to the Slovakia?
    I would be grateful if you could attend to this matter as soon as possible.

    With kind regards,
    Jakub Hurny
    Ekonomic, s.r.o.

  5. Bob says:

    Sup? I love tha Actual Yougurt Store. It’s so actual and really real.

  6. Jackie says:

    Exactly what is the skin of popping bobs made from? What are the ingredients please?

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