What is popping boba?

Have you heard?  Popping boba is the latest craze.  So what is it?

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It’s boba (also commonly referred to as “bubbles” or “tapioca pearls” ) with juice that ‘pops’ inside your mouth.  It’s an invigorating and fun experience.

Some have considered this to be revolutionary boba technology.  In a recent survey, this new boba invention is something that the vast majority of people have never seen, nor tasted before.   However, the innovative product is making its way across frozen yogurt shops, bubble tea shops, and cafes nationwide.  Large chains such as Red Mango, Yogurtland, Pinkberry, etc. are starting to test the products out.  Mike Shieh, a sales representative for Boba Tea Direct (a distributor of the product), said in an interview, “We’ve had numerous inquiries for this on a daily basis, and it has been our hottest product.”

Not only are stores buying it to serve to their clients in a variety of drinks, frozen yogurt, and desserts, people are buying it for home use or office use.  In the home, some have used it to give their drinks or desserts a fresh look.  Popping bobas go well with cold drinks, ice cream, frozen yogurt or shaved ice.  You can even use these popping bobas in your pudding, jelly, or cake for a brand new type of “Top Chef” style of presentation.

The current flavors that are available are:

  • Strawberry Popping Boba
  • Yogurt Popping Boba
  • Mango Popping Boba
  • Passion Fruit Popping Boba
  • Lychee (ie. Litchi) Popping Boba
  • Orange Popping Boba

Try it today!

Popping Boba - Passion FruitPopping Boba - LycheePopping Boba - Mango

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A funny side note:  Please make sure you spell “popping boba” correctly.  Many have typed in “pooping boba” instead of “popping boba”.  One letter sure can make a big difference. :-)


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30 Responses to What is popping boba?

  1. Frozen Yogurt Shop1 says:

    Thanks for the introduction. I’ve ordered a case of each flavor to try out in our 7 shops in Texas.

  2. Matt says:

    Why do you only sell the Yogurt, Mango, Passion Fruit, and Orange? When will all of the flavors be available for purchase?

    • admin says:

      We’ve been getting a tremendous demand and shops nationwide ordering by the pallets. Therefore, we’re currently out of stock on some flavors for about a week. We’ll be getting the rest in shortly again. Sorry for the slight inconvenience. If you would like to be put on the backorder list, please let us know. Currently, we have every flavor except Lychee Popping Boba and Strawberry Popping Boba (running very low on Mango Popping Boba as well). As mentioned, we’ll be getting more in stock soon.

      • Cathy says:

        We’ve been selling popping boba in our yogurt shops for 3 years – we LOVE them!! Our franchisees will be required to sell them as well!

  3. Lujene says:

    how do you pronounce the boba?

  4. Wondri says:

    What are the outer shells made up of? That’s what stumps me. And is the juice real fruit juice or artificially flavored? Thanks! -Wondri

  5. Julian says:

    Are these products free of the DEHP contamination related recall list?

  6. pravin r.matal says:

    how i will get popping boba in mumbai(india)?pls guide me. thanks

  7. Shorew says:


    I would like to know the shipment to Singapore and where exactly this popping boba from. Will be intersted to order big quantity.

  8. Sulaiman says:

    can i have (safety data sheet) for poping boba plz ?

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  10. Hassan says:

    do they have gelatin? (because i cant eat gelatin)

  11. charmie ann says:

    is shipment possible in the philipines?i want to sart boba tea shop in our place in the ph.thanx

  12. Armath says:

    Hello, is there available a sampler/trial amount for purchase? We’d love to have some for our home, and would be willing to invest in a tub, but it’s a very large amount to order for being uncertain of the flavors. This would also be good for businesses wanting to sample your products! :)

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  14. alejandro amaya says:

    Please can you tell me if you have a distributor of your products (popping boba) in Venezuela. If its so, please send me address and phone number to contact. Thank you

  15. grace eusebio de polonia says:

    love it sooooo much <3

  16. grace eusebio de polonia says:

    i love it sooooo much ;-)

  17. Jason nevelow says:

    So good just bought a thing of it (mango).

  18. Vegan says:

    Are all bobas gelatin free?

  19. Tim Parsons says:

    Just wondering if I used these in a martini if they would float or sink.

    Thanks again,

    Tim Parsons
    Bev Director

  20. Lm says:

    Are popping boba vegan? Is the calcium lactate in the ingredient list animal or plant sourced? The other ingredients look okay. Thank you.

  21. Tiffany says:

    Oh man I tried these for the first time today and let me tell you the passionfruit boba is to die for….. I mean omg!

  22. Jocasta says:

    Funny that you caution people about spelling when you don’t know the difference between “it’s” and “its”.

    • admin says:

      LOL. :-) Actually, to clarify … it’s = it is. So when we write the following:

      It’s boba (also commonly referred to as “bubbles” or “tapioca pearls” ) with juice that ‘pops’ inside your mouth. It’s an invigorating and fun experience.

      It can be written also as:

      It is boba with juice that ‘pops’ inside your mouth. It is an invigorating and fun experience.

      For a lesson this, you’re more than welcome to review this:


  23. Kimmy says:

    This stuff is amazing! We first found it at our local frozen yogurt shop and now we go there just to get the bobas! I’ve heard of people freezing them then putting them in their tea, topping on cakes/cupcakes, making bubble tea, etc. The possibilities are endless and everyone is hooked on them!

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