DIY Frozen Yogurt: How To Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt

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It’s time to make some frozen yogurt in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you’ll find that you’re a frozen yogurt master chef and you want to open your own frozen yogurt shop. Whatever it is, wherever you are, these are the steps to DIY frozen yogurt, along with all the frozen yogurt supplies you need to enjoy a chill in flavor.


Ingredients for DIY Frozen Yogurt

First things first, you need to make sure you have the right ingredients to make some frozen yogurt. And don’t worry – you don’t need anything fancy.

  • Frozen fruit
  • Yogurt (preferably plain so you can change up the taste)
  • Tapioca pearls (optional)
  • Flavor powder mix, juice or frozen yogurt syrup

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Appliances for DIY Frozen Yogurt

There are many ways you can make your own frozen yogurt; some of the frozen yogurt recipes don’t require any appliances at all. However, to get the perfect consistency and flavor, it’s highly recommended to use the following:

  • Food processor
  • Airtight freezer container
  • Measuring spoons


DIY Frozen Yogurt Instructions

Now that you have selected the right frozen yogurt ingredients for the flavor your taste buds are craving, it’s time to start putting them together. Here are the instructions needed to make your own frozen yogurt with the frozen yogurt ingredients mentioned:

  1. Combine the frozen fruit, yogurt and flavor (powder mix, juice or syrup) in a food processor
  2. Process until the consistency is creamy (approximately 2 to 3 minutes)
  3. Don’t forget to scrap the sides to eliminate any lumps
  4. *Optional: Prepare and add your tapioca pearls into the mixture
  5. Transfer to a freezer container and chill for a minimum of 6 hours


DIY Frozen Yogurt Tips

If you’re eager to take your DIY frozen yogurt to the next level, there are many tips you can take advantage of, such as adding tapioca pearls into your frozen yogurt to add some bubble tea elements. Here are some of our favourite DIY frozen yogurt tips:

  • Use popsicle moulds to turn your frozen yogurt into a popsicle
  • Use high quality frozen fruits (or fresh fruits!)
  • Using plain yogurt lets you change up the flavor
  • Try different frozen yogurt powder mixes
  • Use a blender instead of a food processor to turn your frozen yogurt into a smoothie
  • If using tapioca pearls, make sure you have a bubble tea straw
  • Explore the different flavors you can make
  • Take our bubble tea training class


…And that’s only to name a few! So, whether you’re looking to mix up a tasty treat to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or are interested in starting your own frozen yogurt business or opening your own bubble tea café, Popping Boba has everything you need to do just that. From frozen yogurt supplies to frozen yogurt syrups, frozen yogurt powder mixes, tapioca pearls and more.

Yes, we even have a bubble tea training course for anyone interested in turning their taste buds into a new business venture. So, explore the world of frozen yogurt and bubble tea at Popping Boba. If you need it, we have it.


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