Popping Boba Flavors

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Popping Boba Flavors / Bursting Boba Flavors

What flavors are available for popping bobas?
Currently, here are the following flavors available for popping boba (ranked in order of popularity):

  • Strawberry Popping Bobas
  • Mango Popping Bobas
  • Lychee Popping Bobas (or also spelled “Litchi” Popping Bobas)
  • Passion Fruit Popping Bobas
  • Orange Popping Bobas
  • Yogurt Popping Bobas
  • Blueberry Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Cherry Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Kiwi Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Pomegranate Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Cantaloupe Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Green Apple Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Peach Popping Bobas (Exclusive New Flavors!)
  • Cranberry Popping Boba

There are discussions of adding flavors such as Green Tea Popping Bobas, Vanilla Popping Bobas, Chocolate Popping Bobas, Green Apple Popping Bobas, Pineapple Popping Bobas, Coconut Popping Bobas, Rainbow Popping Bobas (combination), etc. We know that our clients and customers love different colors.
We are taking suggestions for some flavors that you think would be a great fit for your bubble tea shop or frozen yogurt shop. So let us know! You never know, your input may start a trend nationwide.


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