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“What is Popping Boba” - this is probably the question in your mind right now and we're here to tell you more about it. Popping Boba is the ultimate one-stop-online-shop for people who love frozen yogurt, popping bobas, and bubble tea! They serve home consumers who want to serve popping bobas during parties or other special occasions, and business owners who want to buy wholesale ingredients.

Learn How to Make Your Own Bubble Tea!

These days, almost everyone is thinking of running their own business since it's one of the easiest ways to earn money. If you're addicted to bubble tea, frozen hot chocolate, and ice cold drinks blended with coffee syrup, why not share your addiction and open your own bubble tea shop?

Don't worry if you have zero knowledge about bubble tea because Popping Boba offers a Bubble Tea, Snow Fluff, & Coffee Hands-On Training Class where you'll get access to everything you need to know about whipping up these cold treats. Most of their former students are now proud owners of bubble tea cafes while some wanted to be more creative, expanded their knowledge about bubble tea, and eventually became restaurant owners.

Popping Boba will also give you all the necessary tools that you'll be needing to create boba milk tea, boba flavored tea, and bubble tea smoothies. Guidelines on the proper way to prepare tapioca pearls, marketing and creating of business plans for your Bubble Tea business will also be given during the workshop. Popping Boba has been working hand in hand with Boba Tea business owners since 2002 and they are more than willing to share all these skills and knowledge with you.

Online Shopping:

Of course you'll be itching to get your hands on some of the ingredients so you can apply all of the things that you learned during the workshop. Since it's time to shop bubble tea, hop on to Popping Boba's online shop and check out their vast array of ingredients and accessories.

They have a wide assortment of bubble tea supplies such as bubble tea powders, bubble tea jam, bubble tea syrup, bubble tea leaves, and bursting popping boba. If you wish to purchase items in bulk like wholesale popping boba for example, you also have the option to do so.

The bubble tea home and business kits can also be seen on their online shop should you wish to take your bubble tea making skills to a whole new level.

They also have ice cream and soft serve, coffee syrups, hot drinks, and other frozen yogurt supplies to add more to the list of ingredients you can experiment with. The possibilities are endless once these ingredients are delivered right at your doorstep. Bend the rules a little, experiment, and create your own signature blend! Share your creations with your family and friends. Explore the possibilities of becoming a Bubble Tea shop owner with the help of Popping Boba!


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