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Easy Strawberry Milk Tea Preparation from Home. Asians are known for their love of tea and because of this they have find various ways and means to prepare the common tea in the most interesting and enjoyable manner. One of the more popular tea concoctions that started in Taiwan is the Strawberry Milk Tea. It is a tea drink with a fruity twist since tea is mixed with the sweet and sour juice of strawberry and with a pleasant surprise of chewy and sweet tapioca pearls that give this drink texture uplift.


If you are a tea lover and you have yet to try this tea-drink, you can follow the recipe below and make your own Strawberry Milk Tea right in your own home. Just make sure to share it with your family and friends as this drink will cater to both young and old.


For the ingredients, simply prepare a cup of juicy strawberries, half-a-cup of milk, one tea bag of black or green tea, half-a-cup of cream, shaved ice, sugar syrup or honey as sweetener, and half-a-cup of tapioca pearls that is cooked according to package instruction and mixed with sugar syrup and vanilla for added flavor.


As regards kitchen equipment and utensils, all you need is a good blender to mix certain ingredients, a large tall glass or a mason jar, fat straw or long dessert spoon for scooping the chewy tapioca.


The first thing that you will do is steep the tea bag in ¼ cup of boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. Do not worry about getting a strong blend since the tea will be mixed with other ingredients that can eventually hide the flavor of the tea. Set the prepared tea aside to cool. While the hot tea is cooling down, get your blender and mix your strawberries, milk, cream, and sugar syrup until you get the pinkish color without any trace of strawberry flesh. Add in the tea and blend again, afterwards chill the prepared drink in the refrigerator until cold.


Once the drink is cold, transfer the mixture in a large tall glass or mason jar and mix in the prepared tapioca pearls. Serve with a fat straw that will allow the pearls to get through or place a long dessert spoon and enjoy.


Just by imagining the ingredients and its preparation you can readily tell that the drink is creamy, rich and delicious. It is like an ice cream that you can enjoy by drinking and the best part is that not only is Strawberry Milk Tea delicious, it also provides numerous health benefits from the fruit, milk, and tea.


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