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What is wheat germ? What are the health benefits of wheat germ?
There are types of food that when consumed when eaten in their full form is healthy. Wheat is one of these types. One of the healthiest parts of the wheat is the wheat germ, so it is ideal to add this to your favorite bubble tea drinks for a healthy twist. Since wheat has been deemed as healthy, what more the wheat germ?

But, what exactly is wheat germ?
A wheat kernel has three parts they are the outside shell or the wheat bran, the starchy endosperm and the wheat germ. Wheat germ is obtained and extracted from the kernel. The wheat germ aids in the plant’s reproduction and because of this, the wheat germs contains the needed nutrients to help grow and develop new wheat. When wheat is consumed in its entirety, the benefits from the wheat germ will then be spread to the person’s system.

There are also nutritional benefits present in the bran; however the wheat germ, even in its small form, is said to be the core of the wheat’s health. The wheat germ is an excellent source of energy, complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. It is also rich in vitamins like that of Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex.

With its wealth of healthy benefits, the wheat germ is often added on a person’s diet. Improve your diet with some wheat germ, as studies have shown that this will help enhance your immune system which fights off diseases and other conditions. Regular intake of this will also help lower risk factors that have been related with coronary heart disease, and in fact augment your cardiovascular system. Moreover, having wheat germ present in your diet helps prevent risk factors associated with cancer. Furthermore, wheat germ is also a great anti-aging food, as studies have shown that intake of wheat germ helps make your skin better looking and prevent hair loss.

Today, there are many ways in which wheat germ can be utilized to make a dish or a concoction healthier. It is turned to natural oils, and is used in cooking or baking oil. Wheat germ may also be present on salads or in past sauces. It can also act as a replacement for breadcrumbs or flour. The wheat germ can also be present as an additive to different desserts, shakes, and smoothies.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have health conscious consumers add wheat germ to their drinks today!


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