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Tapioca Pudding

Directions on how to make Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Tapioca pudding is a dessert or snack that is made from tapioca starch, flour or pearls that is cooked in a type of dairy, usually milk, cream or coconut cream or any combination of the three.

The most popular dairy used in making tapioca pudding are milk and cream. However, in Asian countries, coconut cream is preferred. There are different variations of this pudding from one country to another. The variations differ basically in the consistency which comes in dense, thick or thin and liquidy.

Tapioca pudding can be easily made from fresh tapioca which comes in the form of pearls, flour, tapioca meal, tapioca sticks and shaved tapioca starch.

Recipe for Tapioca Pudding

This recipe could serve about 6 to 8 persons

Ingredients for making tapioca pudding:

  • 3 cups full cream milk
  • ½ a cup or 100 grams of uncooked small tapioca pearls
  • ½ a cup or 100 grams of white sugar
  • A quarter teaspoon of iodized salt
  • 2 pieces large fresh eggs
  • ½ a teaspoon or 2.5 milliliters of vanilla essence

Directions for making tapioca pudding:

  1. Place a sauce pot on a stove. Put the tapioca pearls in it and pour over some tap water. Turn the heat on and bring to a boil. Once it boils, lower the heat a simmer and cook pearls for about forty-five minutes or until they are cooked but still firm in the middle. Drain the pearls and leave to cool to room temperature on the counter.
  2. Place another sauce pot on the stove. Pour the milk into the sauce pot. Add the pearls, salt and sugar. Set the heat to high. Boil the mixture while carefully whisking. Be careful not to break the pearls.
  3. Beat the 2 pieces of eggs. Temper the beaten eggs with a little bit of the milk mixture and whisk. Then add the tempered eggs into the sauce pot of milk and pearls. Do not boil or else the eggs will curdle. Cook the mixture on a simmer for about two to three minutes. The pudding should take on a thick consistency at this stage. It should coat the surface of a spatula. Turn the heat off and mix into it the vanilla essence.
  4. At this point the tapioca is now cooked. The pudding can either be served straight from the stove for those who prefer it hot, or it can be chilled for a few hours for those who prefer it cold.


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