All About The Boba Tea: 5 The Things You Wish You Knew

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Bubble Tea - Top Things you Wish you Knew

Let’s talk boba tea! Just when you think it’s nothing more than a fun drink to slurp away on in a neat café or on a hot summer’s day, you find the fascinating facts associated with popping boba! But first, what is boba tea, you ask?

Well, to put it simply, it’s tea that has little bubbles (tapioca pearls) of deliciousness in it. So, as you slurp, you also get to enjoy a tasty treat! Intrigued? As you should be. Keep reading!

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Boba Tea, Bubble Tea, Popping Boba, Oh My

Boba tea has many different aliases. It’s sometimes referred to as bubble tea due to the bubbles that form at the top, or pearl tea or tapioca tea due to the yummy tapioca pearls floating around the beverage. Other times, you’ll find it appearing on drink menus under the names boba nai cha, momi milk tea, Q or foam milk tea and when you think about it, it makes sense. This drink has so much personality that it wouldn’t be fair to just give it one name.


What Does Boba Even Mean?

But what is boba? Well, it depends on where you are. In Hong Kong, it means “big pearls” but in Taiwan, it’s a slang word used for big breasts which is quite silly since this is where the drink originated from. So, if you’re uneasy about using the authentic name, have no fear. Calling boba tea bubble tea or any of the other names is completely acceptable.


Boba Tea Comes from Taiwan

Big breasts… Err… We mean, boba tea was originated in Taiwan after an employee at a tea shop put her tapioca dessert in her tea and – VOILA – history was made and it’s still one of Taiwan’s most popular beverages today. In fact, it’s so popular that boba tea has made its way across the globe and can now be found on pretty much every continent. Gone are the days of having to travel across the globe just to get a delicious taste of popping boba! Now, you just have to go to our online store, Popping Boba, and start mixing up some boba tea recipes in your own home or cafe. 


What’s Makes it So Good?

With a quick search online, you’ll see several different boba tea recipes all of which contain different ingredients. So, you’re likely wondering what is in boba tea and what makes it so good?

For starters, bopa tea can be made as a slushy, as an iced tea, with black tea, white tea, Oolong tea, green tea and many more, and it can also be made with milk tea. The secret is in the tapioca pearls. They’re made with cassava root (and sometimes mixed with brown sugar) to give you that sweet tasty treat.

The best part? There are tons of boba tea recipes and flavors, making it easy to find some popping boba that suits your taste buds.


Popping Boba is More Than Boba Tea

If you are a serious fan of boba tea, you’ll be happy to know that there are many new ways to enjoy it. At Popping Boba, we have bubble tea jelly and bubble tea jam, popping boba business kits, bubble tea instant powers, frozen yogurt supplies – you name it. If you can dream it up, you can likely find it at Popping Boba… As long as it pertains to delicious pops of flavor.


So, if you were looking for a new drink to try and one that’s just as awesome and full of personality as you are, then look no further. Head on over to Popping Boba and try all the delicious boba flavors, boba tea recipes, and more.


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